About us

ManipuliatoriusMEDEINĖS PARKAI is a large company engaged in the transplantation of trees. Over a decade, we have thoroughly been interested in tree transplantation technologies and the landscape-forming experience in North America and West Europe. Company MEDEINĖS PARKAI started its activities in 2014. As soon as we had necessary information, we shaped our mission to transform a wasted landscape into a blooming garden comprehensively prepared to realize landscape-forming ideas that have been examined through time but are new in our country.

Exclusivity and both one of the most important thing in our company is that everyone, who loves and cares of the environment, wants to live near large trees right now, should be able to obtain a tree transplantation services from us.

The newest mechanisms and regularity of employees in MEDEINĖS PARKAI give the opportunity to form the landscape quickly and qualitatively. New but mature garden or park will be planted just in one or a few days and will delight you all your life.

Do you want to know how we transplant large trees?

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