What is the guarantee of a naturalization of the transplanted tree?

If all essential conditions for successfully transplanting a tree are accomplished and if a care was taken accordingly, the chances for the tree to naturalize is 99 of 100. MEDEINĖS PARKAI guarantees that in case of failure, we will transplant a new tree for you.

What is the best / worst time to plant a large tree?

The optimum time to transplant a tree is early spring or late autumn when leaves of the trees are not germinated. Transplantation opportunities depend on the type of the tree. Deciduous trees easily adapt to a new environment if they were transplanted in spring or winter. Meanwhile, evergreen trees should be planted in late spring after they have grown a new offset – in late summer. Ii is inadvisable to transplant trees on a very hot summer day or during the drought.

What is the price of transplanting a tree?

The price depends on the size of the tree, condition of soil, transportation possibilities and distance, etc. All these factors comprise the transplantation price. If you want to know more or if you have accurate vision – contact us.

I want to transplant a tree. How should I correctly measure the diameter of trunk?

The best is to measure the width of trunk about 20 cm above the ground.

Will there any deep and wide pits be left in my garden after the large tree transplantation or relocation?

There will not be any pits. Our technology allows us to transplant large trees simply, and not to devastate your backyard or garden. All pits from transplanted trees will be poured with soil and turf. It will allow you to be happy with your garden, and will not require a lot of work afterwards.

What supervision does a transplanted tree require?

The most important thing is to maintain permanent humidity of the soil, yet the soil should not be soaking wet. During the transplantation of the tree, it should be watered enough for 7-10 days, after those days it should be watered repeatedly. Too much watering (also dry soil) is one of common mistake, which leads to a failure of tree naturalization. Too much humidity does not allow the roots to breathe. Consult our specialists how to take care of transplanted tree.

Which technical difficulties stops from transplanting a tree?

Approach to a tree and the place where it will be transplanted should be convenient; there should be enough space to excavate a tree with a proper amount of soil. Hanging constructions, electricity and telecommunication vires, viaduct, etc. should be taken into consideration.

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