Transplantation of large trees

“Travelling trees” are large trees, taken from the places, where they are unwanted or impede, carefully prepared for transplantation by us and are transplanted by means of special equipment. Once tree is transplanted, it becomes resistant to transplantations and can be carried everywhere with you to your new home. Transplantation of large trees  successfully works in many countries all over the world and from now on, this service is provided in Lithuania.

A large tree or even blooming garden could appear in your backyard just in one day and there is no need to wait for 20 or 30 years, when small seedlings grow up. Overgrown trees in your garden could be transplanted with our special equipment and be brought to a new home. Using our special equipment is the most effective solution in many occasions. It is a solid investment in the future: every year value of your tree and real estate property will be rising. Contrary to a newly bought computer, car or other device, the value of a tree rises every year.

Our technologies are the most advanced. We are the first company in Lithuania and all Baltic region that is engaged in the transplantation of huge trees. The diameter of trunk of  transplanted tree could be 30cm in width or even wider, preserving big root bundle during the excavation process, the tree is transplanted without stress.

We work all year round. It is possible to transplant huge trees in every season of the year with our equipment. Even the most comfortable time is early spring and early winter months, we can transplant a tree whenever you want.

Our employees are specialists in their field. They will help you to choose the most suitable trees and shrubs, also consult how to take care of the trees. Our specialists will survey the soil, the area of transplantation and present the most suitable solutions for you. We make sure that your garden, lawn and surroundings will be safe during the process of tree transplantation.

The professional of this work is a warrantor of a success. Experience, knowledge and scrupulousness of the person, who transplants a tree, ensures the longevity of a healthy tree life.

Our reliability – the guarantees. We are responsible for the work we do and there is a 100 percent of guarantee for our transplanted trees. We give consultations to our clients in supervision and transplantation of trees.  We also advise how to take care of a tree or shrub that has been transplanted.

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